WordPress audio player test

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I will shortly be ditching my Soundcloud account due to excessive spam. I will just host my own audio again instead. Here’s a test using a default WordPress Player for playing mp3 files:

Here’s the same audio file using the mb.miniaudioplayer:

Het Lingolied

Here is a playlist using default WordPress format:

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Finally got around to unpacking the TB3 and TR8 that I bought in the US. Hooked them up and recorded this track.

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The Aldi Sessions

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Recorded these tracks live, together with Ruud and Adriaan, back in 2003 when I was still living in Breda:

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Exploring Progression

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Toggling tracks and effects in Logic using an electronic drum kit

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For a while now, I’ve been searching on the internet for some decent instructions on how to program toggles in Logic using a MIDI drum kit or keyboard. I’ve found a few hints here and there, but nothing that explains it from beginning to end. A couple of weeks back I finally managed to get a working setup so here’s a description of how to go about it.

The idea is simple. A toggle is a button that turns something on or off. The mute button is an example of a toggle. If it is enabled, a track is muted; if it is disabled,  the track is unmuted. I wanted to be able to trigger the toggling using the MIDI output from an electronic drum kit...

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Tribe Clash

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My latest track, done completely in Logic with no external instruments:

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Scochy on stage – vote for us!

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We need the help of our fans to make it through to the top 50. From that selection, a professional jury will pick the candidates that get to go to the next rounds. Surf to http://onstage.metro.se and vote for us!!

Many thanks to Dave for creating this awesome diagram, which I shamelessly ripped and used to my own advantage.

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Scochy update

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Yesterday Steve, Cissi and I had our first rehearsal. We have been doing some stuff in the studio and recorded a couple of things, but what we really want to do is go out and play gigs. We even entered a contest to become Sweden’s most promising new act. Listen to a recording we did and vote for us here!

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New guitar!

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Bought this nice western guitar yesterday. Here’s me playing a lousy 12 bar blues on it 🙂

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I just rearranged my 19″ rack. I took out the crackling Mackie, obsolete compressor and V-Amp, and rerouted some equipment so my setup is aimed more at actually making music instead of at trying to figure out nice audio routing. Suddenly my filterbank, guitar pedals, kaossilator and machinedrum came alive and produced this dark and sinister track called Bury me in a nameless grave:

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